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亚博手机登录网址|Financial technology start-ups are creating new models of lending. They mine streams of digital data with clever software to calculate creditworthiness instead of relying on a person’s credit history, the main ingredient in traditional credit scoring.一些面向金融领域的科技初创公司正在发售新的贷款模式。它们用智能软件挖出电子数据流来计算出来信誉,而不是像传统的信用评分那样,以个人的信用记录为基础。

So far, the new breed of big data lenders has focused on niche markets — recent college graduates, immigrants and payday borrowers — where people often have scant or inconsistent repayment records, and the conventional math of risk analysis stumbles.目前早已有一帮新生的“大数据借贷机构”专心于在利基市场上——刚刚毕业的大学生、移民和发薪日借款人。这类人的偿还记录往往很少,或者不连贯,用于传统的风险分析数学手段效果不欠佳。ZestFinance, a pioneer in the field, is moving into a huge market where credit histories are scarce: China.ZestFinance是这个领域的先驱之一,目前于是以步入一个信用记录较少的可观市场:中国。

ZestFinance and JD.com, a Chinese online retail giant, are announcing a joint venture to provide a consumer credit scoring service in China. The venture, JD-ZestFinance Gaia, will initially be used to assess credit risk and offer installment loans for purchases on JD.com, which has 100 million active customers and generates yearly revenue of $20 billion. The venture intends to eventually offer the credit-analysis service to corporate customers throughout China.ZestFinance和中国网络零售巨头京东宣告正式成立一家合资公司,在中国市场上获取消费者信贷评分服务。京东享有1亿活跃用户,年营收约200亿美元。这家合资企业取名为JD-ZestFinance Gaia,最初将为京东上的分期贷款购物不道德评估信贷风险。

公司想最后为中国各地的企业客户获取信用分析服务。JD.com is also making a minority investment in ZestFinance, though the companies would not disclose the size of the investment or the valuation of the start-up.京东还对ZestFinance展开了少数股权投资,不过双方没透漏投资规模或是ZestFinance的估值。“This is a great validation that what we’ve built works,” said Douglas C. Merrill, founder and chief executive of ZestFinance.“这是对我们的极大接纳,证明我们的方法是行得通的,”ZestFinance的创始人兼任首席执行官道格拉斯·C·梅里尔(Douglas C. Merrill)说道。

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the data science approach to credit analysis, and venture funding is flowing into this emerging field. The promise is that high-tech tools can give greater depth and detail to the basic principle of banking: know your customer. Start-ups in the field, beside ZestFinance, include Affirm, Earnest, Elevate and LendUp.人们对于用数据科学的方法来展开信用分析热情高涨,风险资本也正在流向这个新兴的领域。银行业的基本原则是理解客户,而高科技工具未来将会为此获取更加深层次的剖析和更加多的细节。除了ZestFinance之外,该领域的初创公司还有Affirm、Earnest、Elevate和LendUp。



In its test run for the Chinese company, ZestFinance built risk models using JD.com transaction data: what people buy, when they buy it, what brands they choose, where they live and other nuggets of information in the sales data.在为其中国公司展开测试时,ZestFinance利用京东的交易数据——还包括人们卖什么、何时卖、选什么品牌、住在哪里,及交易数据中其他有价值的信息——创建了风险模型。“There’s signals in there,” Mr. Merrill said. “But what would seem like simple signals can actually be very complex.”“这些数据里有一些信号,”梅里尔说。“但那些看上去非常简单的信号,实质上有可能非常复杂。”For example, one might expect that a person purchasing a lot of luxury goods online is a good credit risk. But Mr. Merrill said that often is not the case. It could be a sign of reckless overspending or even fraud, he said, when linked with other data.比如,人们有可能实在在网上卖很多奢侈品的人信用风险小。



If a person is making purchases during the day, that could be a signal that the buyer is unemployed. But, Mr. Merrill said, if the purchases are made during the midday lunchtime, from an office computer, it could well be a sign of a hard-working employee squeezing in time to buy necessities.如果一个人是在白天时间卖东西,有可能回应这个买家没工作。但如果交易是在午餐时间再次发生,而且是在办公电脑上展开,梅里尔说道,那就很有可能代表这是一个刻苦的员工在挤时间卖必需品。In its test, the creditworthiness predictions made by ZestFinance were compared to the results of JD.com’s experience making loans, which was essentially the control group. The ZestFinance algorithms won handily.在测试中,ZestFinance所作的资信预测,与京东自身借贷的结果不作了对比,后者实质上就是对照组。

ZestFinance的算法精彩落败。The Chinese online retailer, said Josh Gartner, senior director for international communications for JD.com, hopes to “greatly improve the efficiency of deciding who should be offered credit or not.”京东国际公关高级总监约什·加德纳(Josh Gartner)回应,京东期望能“大大提高其贷款决策的效率”。Data science methods, Mr. Gartner added, can fill a gap “where traditional metrics tend to be less useful, and China would obviously be one of those places.”加德纳补足道,数据科学的方法可以在“传统取决于方法展现出佳的地方”空缺一个空白,“中国似乎就是一个这样的地方”。

In a statement, Mr. Chen pointed to the potential value of the joint venture beyond JD.com itself. He called the link-up with ZestFinance “a foundational step toward building a reliable system for assessing credit risk that will help meet the huge market need.”陈胜强在一份声明中认为了这一合资公司在京东之外的潜在价值。他将京东和ZestFinance的牵头叙述为“在创建可信的信用风险评估系统,从而符合辽阔的市场需求方面,是基础性的一步。。


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