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【亚博手机官网】A New York start-up called Pixie Scientific has developed a diaper that the company says can detect possible urinary tract infections, kidney dysfunctions, and dehydration, accompanied by a smartphone app that can transmit the information to a physician.一个取名为精灵科学(Pixie Scientific)的纽约初创公司发明者了一种内衣。公司称之为,这种内衣可以察觉到潜在的尿路感染、肾功能障碍和水解等疾病状况,而且,因应一款智能手机应用于,可将涉及信息表达给医生。I was driving with my wife and daughter one day, when my wife asked if the baby had wet herself, said Yaroslav Faybishenko, Pixies founder. I realized she was sitting in data.精灵公司的创始人雅罗斯拉夫·菲比申科(Yaroslav Faybishenko)说道:“有一天,我进车载着妻子和女儿的时候,妻子回答我宝宝是不是尿裤子了。

我意识到,孩子的屁股下面就是数据啊。”Other so-called quantified self products have been developed for adults, like products from Jawbone and FitBit that create digital records of calorie expenditure and sleep habits. At this years Consumer Electronics Show, a Taiwanese company called AiQ showed off shirts that it said could measure things like heart rate and other biometric signals.其他一些所谓的“自我分析”产品专为成人设计,比如Jawbone和Fitbit两家公司研发了可以记录卡路里消耗量和睡眠中习惯的数码产品。在今年的消费者电子产品展览(Consumer Electronics Show)上,来自台湾的AiQ公司展出了一款衬衫产品,声称它可以测量穿着者的心率等生物信号。

In contrast to those things, the technology behind the diaper is relatively simple, and it owes as much to the quality of smartphone cameras as it does to clever chemistry.与上述产品比起,这种内衣背后的技术变得比较简单,而且同时自恃智能手机摄像头的质量和化学技术的精致。At the front of the diaper is a patch with several colored squares. Each square represents a different interaction with a protein, water content or bacteria, and changes color if it detects something is outside of normal parameters. There is also a neutral white square, to more easily check for color changes in the other squares.内衣的正面有一块补丁,上面具有五颜六色的方格。



A smartphone app takes a picture and can make precise readings of the chemical data based on color changes. The data is uploaded to a central location, where physicians can get information about how the child is doing and whether the baby needs further testing.设施的智能手机应用于可以照片并依据颜色变化来对化学数据展开准确的理解。数据被上传遍一个中央单元,医生可以借此获知婴儿的状况,以及否必须更进一步检查。

The diaper is expected to be tested at Benioff Childrens Hospital of the University of California, San Francisco this September. Columbia Universitys childrens hospital is considering a similar study. If successful, the product may then be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for final approval.这种内衣预计将于今年9月在加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的贝尼奥夫儿童医院(Benioff Childrens Hospital)拒绝接受测试。哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)的儿童医院也在考虑到展开类似于的研究。如果顺利,该产品将被递交给食品与药物管理局(Food and Drug Administration)展开最后的批准后审查。


Mr. Faybishenko said he thought the diaper, which he said would cost about 30 percent more than regular diapers, had potential as a consumer product, for parents who want to keep regular tabs on their childs health. Rather than overwhelming parents with data, the app is likely to let them know whether they should see a pediatrician for one or more possible conditions. With the parents permission, the detailed urine analysis data could be sent to a doctors office.菲比申科回应,他指出这款比一般内衣喜大约30%的产品有潜力沦为消费者产品,尤其是对于期望时时第一时间孩子健康状况的父母来说。应用程序可以让父母告诉,再次发生某种或某些状况的时候否必须看儿科医生,而会用一大堆数据将他们围困。在家长表示同意的情况下,详尽的尿样数据可以被传输给医生。You really dont want to overload parents with data they dont understand, he said. Eventually the quantified self idea will be mostly silent and unobtrusive, just something inside the existing flow of life.他说道:“你决不想要让父母为不懂的数据背上较轻的开销。

最后,自我分析的理念大体不会悄无声息而不事张扬,沦为日常生活的一部分。”Mr. Faybishenko said the company was working on other tests, but would not specify what they were.菲比申科称之为,公司正在展开其他的研发测试,但不便透漏详细信息。




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